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By Visit Buffalo Niagara
October 19, 2011 @ 2:05 pm

by Melissa Barrie
I am not an architecture buff. My favorite building has more to do with memories of my childhood in Buffalo.

I have many memories of downtown Buffalo growing up – taking the bus with my grandmother to AM&A’s, meeting my mom at City Hall and going out for lunch.

The one building that always stuck out in my mind was the Ellicott Square Building. My grandparents took me to the jewelry shop there multiple times- the owner was from their old neighborhood. As a child it makes you feel important just to be in such a grand building, let alone to know someone who worked inside. My grandmother purchased earrings there that she wanted me to wear on my wedding day, and I had such nice memories of visiting that I eventually had my wedding pictures taken there.

My favorite building in Buffalo makes me feel connected with my past, and it also reminds me that we have a very close-knit community here.

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